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DANCE MASK, “temar ne are”


Malekula Is, Vanuatu

Made of vegetable paste on a spider web base, the spiderweb becomes a beard-like extension below the mask. The projecting sticks are THE defining attribute of this type of mask.  These masks, Temar Ne Are”, are rare.


Speiser collected an example in 1912 in east-south-eastern Malekula , now in  Basel Museum, Switzerland. His only comment is ,,,these masks “,,are at the origin of the dreaded temar ne are type, and were kept well-stored, being for special ( and rather taboo ) occasions.”  He refers to these masks as being “ culturally heavy”.


Ex-old German collection; ex-Mark Lissauer, Melbourne.



Size: Size: 62 x 52 cm

Price: POA

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