About Us

I am based in Sydney, Australia.

My “gallery” is really a warehouse because I am away so often with International Triabl Art shows, or in the island nations around the South Pacific – particularly Papua New Guinea.

I have been involved in Oceanic Art for over 40 years, always having strong connections with the Pacific regions around Australia; my father worked and travelled to these places, and brought me back my first Oceanic piece when I was 8 years old.

It was only after several years working as an architect that I discovered my true calling, and entered Oceanic Art full time; and never regreted for a day in my life.

OCEANIC ART is seductive; it has that connection with the spirits and ritual that the modern world has lost; yet it is the root of all our contemporary art.

Oceanic, more so than the other tribal arts, is full of colour and eccentricity; there are over 800 language groups just in Papua New Guinea, signifying 800 different cultures that each interpret and create artworks in  such diverse ways.

Slowly, this is coming to pass, as the modern world takes over.

In the remotest of regions in the world, mobile phones and internet connection is now the norm, even in the hidden valleys and mountains of Papua New Guinea.

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