A-3 Two Aboriginal Bark Paintings, “Wandjina”

Australian Aboriginal

A-3 Two Aboriginal Bark Paintings, “Wandjina”

Kimberley Ranges, Western Australia Bark, pigment..

“Wandjina” is the Aboriginal spirit of water and monsoons, in the North West coastal regions of Western Australia. It is a dry area, that is deluged yearly by the monsoons, that bring life to the land. Images of the Wanjina are found in caves and rock shelters throughout this region. Certain families have the authority to protect and repaint these images as necessary.
a) Large painting depicting the upper torso of a Wandjina spirit. Typically the face is white, with emblazoned eyes, a simple nose, and no mouth. On the back is a number, “2065”, which would have been catalogued at one of the Aboriginal art centres in the 1980s-1990s. Artist: unknown.
b) A medium sized painting showing the Wandjina figure above the legs, and a striking snake fiure curved around – no doubt the powerful Rainbow Serpent. This is a fine example, with the number “987”, added by the original collector, Pierre Mariceaux. Artist: Waigan Djanghara, 1970s.

a) 65 x 56 cm     b) 69 x 33 cm

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