Body Ornaments


Iatmul, Middle Sepik River, PNG.

a) False Vagina. These are woven of string fibre, forming a triangular vagina, painted red inside, and human hair to represent female pubic hair. They are worn by men in naven ceremonies. (see Meyer, 1995 pp231 for similar).

b) Homicide Apron. These are presented to a man by his uncle (wau) after he successfully takes a head.Headhunting practices were central to Itamul society, There is an elaborate cover of nassa, cowrie and conuse shells mounted on a woven fibre base; but the important part is the skin of the flying fox; a symbol of headhunting prowess.

a) 26 x 12 x 1 cm
b) 61 x 11 x 9 cm

a) $1,200 b) $1,800

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