F-13 Large Abalem Ancestor Figure


F-13 Large Abalem Ancestor Figure

Western Abelam, PNG.

This figure, especially the moon-like face, shows influenec of the Ilahita, west of the Abelam. These figures are made specifically for use in the Tambaran (Spirit) Ceremonies, that involve initiation on its many levels. This is a large sculpture, dominated by a serene female figure, with totemic bird above its head, and two lizards (almost disappeared with age) either side of the legs. These figures are stored inside the Haus Tambaran, leaning against the side walls. The back is never carved, as it is not visible during the ceremony, when an elaborate theatre set of figures and bark paintings transforms the inside of the Haus Tambaran into the domain of the spirits.

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208 x 34 x 26 cm

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