F-7 Old Figure, Mundugumor


F-7 Old Figure, Mundugumor

Yuat River, Lower Sepik River, PNG Wood.

This old figure has a strong, warrior-like stance, with typical blockish form of Mundugumor sculpture, incorporating especially an intense visage; legs are apart, with hands on the thighs, evoking a sense of restrained movement. The penis has been carved in crocodile form, the most powerful of all creatures in the Sepik world, and one of the most important creation spirits. Such a figure would be kept on a platform in the Spirit House, and sought for intercession in troubled times, especially at times of warfare. It would have had a personal name, but this was never recorded.

Collected by Pierre Langois in an early 1970s Sepik expedition.

Ex-Australian private collection.


57 x 21 x 18 cm

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