M-22 Dance Mask, Rom


M-22 Dance Mask, Rom

Ambrym Island, Vanuatu, Early 20thC.

This is a rare style mask, of which the pendulus tear-drop nose, repesents a shark spirit in dance. It is constructed of cane, covered in tapa and coconut fibre, some clay and spiderweb, and earth pigments. Rom masks were often destroyed after ceremonial use, so very few examples exist in collections. This is from the collection of Eric Rowlison, ex-Museum of Modern Art, NY, ex-director of National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1975-1980. (R19.1978) Upon arrival in Australia he was enamored by Oceanic art and put together a small but fine collection, which was dispersed when he tragically died young. “A similar mask (ex-Anthony Meyer, Paris) can be found in the St Louis Museum, USA.”


63 x 22 x 24 cm

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