O-17 Three Basket Hooks

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O-17 Three Basket Hooks

New Guinea.

a) Old basket hook, sambam, Middle Sepik ( Iatmul) hook, with double faces looking in opposite directions. The body of the hook is covered in crocodile motifs.

b) A simple old hook, Lake Sentani, West Papua, Indonesia, of very hardwood, covered in typical Sentani water/wind motifs.

c) Well-used basket hook, samban, Lake Chambri, Middle Sepik. Great detail; the most elaborate of the three hooks, with double faces and bird above, and fine engraving on the hook form.

a) and c) ex-Ed Boylan collection, Cairns, Australia, collected c.1969-70. b) ex-Australian collection.

a) 40 x 20 cm (SOLD)     b) 54 x 17 cm     c) 41 x 13 cm

b) $950 c) $1200

Size Various

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