O-19 Two Ramu River Pieces

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O-19 Two Ramu River Pieces

North Coast, PNG.

a) Sago axe handle. Used for pounding sago, with a bamboo ( or later metal) cylindrical blade. This handle is carved by one master carver of Sisimangu village, coastal Ramu, who between 1950s and 1980s, carving many similar, with this most elegant water bird, with big bulbous eyes.

b) Flute Mask, Rao, Middle Ramu River. Attached to the sacred flutes, the flute music was the voice of this spirit mask. This form of opposing hooks continues westwards to the Karawari River system and as far as the Hunstein Mts. The mask is hardwood and old, certainly at least early 20th century.

a) 62 x 26 cm     b) 47 x 10 x 8 cm

a) $950 b) $1200

Size Various

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