O-21 Prehistoric Stone Figures ”Enga”

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O-21 Prehistoric Stone Figures ”Enga”

New Guinea Highlands.

The first two were collected by Ron Ingle, an Australian geologist working for Dawsett Engineering in Enga 1962 – 63.

a) Stone head, part of a pestle, Enga. Ex-Ingle coll, Australia c. 1962-63.

b) Stone Figure, zoomorphic form, Enga. Ex-Ingle coll, Australia.

c) Stone bird, part of pestle, PNG Highlands. ex-Daalder coll, Adelaide, collected by an Australian patrol officer 1960s.

a) 14 x 5 x 10 cm    b) 22 x 11 x 15 cm (SOLD)    c) 10 x 6 x 12 cm

a) $1500 c) $1500

Size Various

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