O-8 Four Prehistoric Stone Implements

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O-8 Four Prehistoric Stone Implements

Stone objects were used as the primary cutting and chiselling tool up until contact with the outside world in the 18th and 19th centuries and, in the New Guinea Highlands, mid-20th century. They were laboriously fashioned and polished and became much-valued objects.

a) large adze blade, greenstone, Massim ( Trobriand Islands) Used as both tool and wealth object. Ex-Jutta Malnic collection, Sydney.

b) Star club head, Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands. While originally made as a club head, this star shaped stone became incorporated into male cults, and an object of ritual and magic.

c) Aboriginak quartz stone knife, with resin handle.These can be used as regular tool, but an important ceremonial use was in male initiation circumcision. Cemtral Desert area.

d) Fine stone adze blade, greenstone, Mendi Valley, Southern Highlands.

a) 26 x 12 cm     b) 12 cm diam x 4 (SOLD)    c) 19 x 7 cm     d) 16.5 x 6 cm

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