SW-1 Kamano Shield

Shields & Weapons

SW-1 Kamano Shield

Hanko, Kamano People, Eastern Highlands, PNG.

This is an old shield, carved from hardwood, the buttress root of a large tree called ufozei. This is a rare type, as most Kamano shields are carved from a softer (and thicker) wood called verafa. The top edge of this shield is trimmed with a band of pandanus leaves, darkened by age, stitched on with fine fibre, and the carrying sling, made from a strong, thick tapa strap, knotted through two holes. The painted design is dynamic – a curvilinear serpentine form with glowing edging – that depicts a powerful creator snake spirit. Collected by local Kamano chief, Kamda Kubo in the 1980s.


161 x 66

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